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Vinyl Rain Gutters

One of the most popular forms of gutters today is the vinyl rain gutters. There are several good reasons to install this type of gutter on your home, but there are also some things which can make vinyl a less than perfect choice as well. Here is a closer look to put things in perspective.

Vinyl rain gutters are great in that they will never rust or rot away like other materials. They are pretty durable in how they won't dent if you put a heavy ladder up against them to get on your roof.

Another positive with vinyl is that they come in all types of colors to match up with your home's exterior.

As rain gutters and downspouts go, vinyl is the easiest to install. It is lightweight and much easier for the average handyman to put up on their roof. Once you have the slope angle of the eaves chalked these gutters are easy to hang.

Finally, the cost of vinyl rain gutters is far and away the least expensive. At $4-$5 a linear foot, including the hardware to hang them, they are perfect for any budget.

You'll find these gutters available in K-channel as well as all different sizes such as 5 or 6 inch channels.

On the downside though, vinyl is not the best gutter material for longevity in cold weather climates. Constant freezing and thawing over time will often cause them to become brittle and crack. The same can be said in extreme hot weather as well due to the sun beating down on them.

The key to installing rain gutters made of vinyl is to buy quality materials. Not all vinyl is the same. Thicknesses can greatly vary and what may seem like a great deal will many times create more problems than they are worth. For example, a thin vinyl gutter will sag under heavy rains. It will also sag under the weight of leaves, twigs, pine needles and other debris that tend to collect in the channel.

There are many reasons to go with vinyl rain gutters on your home. Your best course of action is to talk to a gutter company or contractor and find out if vinyl would be the right choice for you for your particular situation.