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Gutter Screens

How often have you faced the unpleasant task of climbing a ladder to try and clean your rain gutters out? Most likely, all too often. This is where gutter screens can come in handy, but do they really work?

Gutter cleaning is about as much fun as getting a root canal when it comes to maintaining your home. You know it's something that must be done, but you dread having to do it. You know if you put it off you can have clogged gutters with water pouring down the side of the house that eventually creates all sorts of damage to your foundation and basement.

Gutter screens are designed to be a solution to having leaves, pine needles and other debris clogging up your gutters and downspouts.

How these screens work is pretty simple. They come in roll that could be 50-100-150 feet long. You cut a piece off to fit the length of your gutter and install it.

The flexible screen goes under your shingles on one end and over your gutter on the other end. The screen is pretty easy to attach because most rain gutters have pre-fabed slots that the screen can fit right into.

Although these screens have a lot of upside in the benefits they provide, there are downsides as well. The biggest problem being that if you live in a house with many trees around, the leaves can still cover the screen and cause water to flow right over the gutter. This is especially true with a heavy rain storm.

Despite this, gutter screens are still something you may want to consider installing. They do help in preventing having to clean out your gutter all the time and they last a long time.

There is no "perfect" solution with gutters. Permanent gutter covers like gutter Helmet are not only expensive, but they can have issues as well. All in all, gutter screens can be effective and in keeping your gutters from getting clogged.