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Gutter Cleaning Tools

So, it's time once again to climb the ladder up to the roof and clean out those clogged rain gutters? Not a real pleasant job, but one that is critical to keep your home in good condition. There are many different types of gutter cleaning tools and gadgets available on the market. Some of these work great in getting rid of those old leaves and twigs, while others are not so good. Here's a brief look at some of your options.

One of the most basic methods of cleaning gutters is to simply climb up to the roof with a garden hose and spray out the gutter channel. Yes, it works, but it can also cause an incredible mess and leave you totally dirty as well. If this is your method of cleaning is sure to wear safety glasses and protect your eyes.

Another gutter cleaning tool on the market is called Gutter tongs. You use this tool from the ground and it reaches up to 12 feet to clean out the gutter. It features a set of 'jaws" that you clamp down with and pull out the debris. Put the leaves and other junk into a trash bag and be done with it.

The tool also allows you to put your garden hose into it and flush out the gutter with water. The biggest issue with Gutter Tongs is with rain gutters that have the spikes going through them. They get in the way when moving the tool down the channel.

Another cleaning tool is the Gutter Rake, which is a small rake type attachment on the end of a pole that allows you to "rake" up the debris from one end of the gutter to the other.

Other tools that can help with this job include:

Gutter Flusher
Gutter Piller
Gutter Scoop
Gutter Grabber

All of these gutter cleaning tools work in their own unique way. Some do a better job than others and they are all mainly in the $15 - $30 price range. Although cleaning rain gutters is certainly not the most "sexy" of jobs, with the help of some of these tools it can make the job a little more pleasant and less time consuming.