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Types Of Gutters

Rain gutters and channels come in many different styles and types of materials. Often times, it can be confusing to the average homeowner to know just what type of rain gutter to install on their roof. Here's a look at the various types of gutters as well as a rough estimate on their cost.

Aluminum Gutters

Far and away the most popular choice for rain gutters is aluminum. They hold a lot of water, never rust, and they are very easy to maintain.

The biggest concern here is with thickness. If you get aluminum gutters that are too thin, they can easily get bent whenever you place a ladder up against them. You really want to get a gutter that is at least .032 thick or thicker.

The costs for aluminum gutters is generally in the range of $6 - $10 a linear foot.

Vinyl Gutters

Another popular choice is vinyl gutters. This type of gutter is the least expensive of all, coming in at $3 - $6 a linear foot.

The advantage to vinyl is that they are lightweight, easy to cut and install and they come in all types of colors to match your home's exterior. The downside is that in climates with a lot of freezing temperatures for several months of the year, vinyl can become brittle. This is also true with age and the sun beating on them over time.

Copper Gutters

Other gutter types such as copper have always been popular with different homeowners. Copper is beautiful to look at and it doesn't rust. The downside is that it will change colors over time and they cost a considerable amount per foot. You can expect $18 - $25 a linear foot.

Stainless Steel Gutters

At the top-end of the scale with various gutter types is stainless steel gutters. Stainless steel is not only strong, but rust resistant and will hold its shine for years to come. The downside is that you'll need a big budget to spend. These types of gutters will run upwards of $20-$25 a linear foot.