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Gutter Foundation Damage - How To Prevent It

A big issue confronting many homeowners is that of gutter foundation damage. This type of damage can literally cost you thousands of dollars to fix if you don't address it quickly. So, what can you do to prevent gutter foundation damage? Here's some helpful tips.

Although there are a few different causes of foundation damage, the two most common causes are a lack of rain gutters on the roof, or gutters that are simply no longer functioning as they should be. Either of these two causes will allow rain water to travel along your homes foundation and right down into the basement. The result is a wet basement with possible flooding problems that can ruin everything in its path.

The good news is that you can take simple steps to prevent gutter foundation problems from happening. But you have to get the problem fixed quickly. Waiting until "next year" will only help to make the situation worse, not to mention more expensive.

The first thing you should do is to make a visual inspection of your roof and rain gutter system. Are the gutters working properly? Or do they sag, have leaks in the seams, are clogged, etc?

If the problem is a clogged gutter, you only need to clean them out to eliminate any problems. If the problem is with a leaky seam, or joint, you can simply take some waterproof caulk and repair the leaky seam. If you see that you have gutters that sag, you may just need to attach them back up to the fascia board.

On the other hand, if your rain gutters are old, bent and beaten up, it is time to get them replaced instead. New rain gutters and downspouts will only cost a fraction of what foundation repairs will run. Just as an example, for seamless gutters installed on your home, you are roughly looking at $400 per 1000 square feet. That's not a big expense at all, and it will give you protection for many years down the road as well.

The key to gutter installation is having it done right the first time. If they are not properly installed you will have to have them rehung. And that is going to cost you more money and time wasted. If you are going to have a gutter company do the work, be sure to choose one that is experienced and reputable.

Don't make the mistake that so many homeowners make in regards to their gutter and simply ignore them. Preventing gutter foundation damage is not difficult or expensive if you address it promptly.