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How To Install Rain Gutters

Installing rain gutters yourself isn't as difficult as you might think. If you're a weekend handyman you can do the project yourself on most homes. Here is a closer look at how to install rain gutters.

1. Get your calculations
The first step in installing rain gutters is to get all of the necessary calculations.

Calculate the eave slope with a line level. You need at least 1/4 inch slope per 10 feet of gutter. Anything less and your gutters with not drain properly, especially in heavy rain.

Use a chalk-line to mark off the slope.

2. Cut your sections
Next, it's time to measure your gutter sections and cut them to size. You'll need tin snips if you're using aluminum. Use a square to mark off the lines and cut to size. Wear gloves! Metal is razor sharp and can cut your fingers easily.

3. Attach your rain gutters
Now it's time to hang your gutters on the roof. Don't use those long spikes like in the old days. Instead, be sure to use gutter hangers and attach them to the fascia board.

Place the hangers 24 inches apart and 6 inches from the end of the gutter. Attach the hangers to the gutter while it's on the ground.

Take the section up to the roof and screw in the hangers and brackets to the fascia.

4. Add the downspouts
You'll next need to add your downspouts where you want them. Cut the hole in the gutter where the downspout will be connected. When finished, be sure to use silicone to water proof the connections. Attach this section to your gutter and put on an end cap.

Next, measure and cut the downspout to the desired length you need. Attach the pieces together and mount the downspout against your home with mounting straps.

Finally, apply silicone sealant to all seams in the gutter system. Be sure you get enough on them to make them watertight. You can check to be sure by putting water through the gutter with a garden hose.

That's really all there is in knowing how to install rain gutters. Once you get started, it will quickly become easy for you.